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A lot of friends started to post photos of their babies wearing cute little onesies that marked how many months they were. When I was pregnant, I thought it was a great idea on how to announce my little ones age and wanted to do the same.

Introducing Belly Banter – the cutest set of labels I have seen thus far that one can stick on a onesie. Belly Banter has quite  few different product offerings. They have labels that not only celebrate Months, but also Holidays and milestones like rolling over and giggling.

Before Belly Banter, I looked upon Etsy for the perfect design. I wanted something simple, but still fun. Etsy had way too many to choose from that it became overwhelming. I find Belly Banter to have the right mix of simplicity, fun, and unique looks to their stickers.

They are easy to use, stay on (very important for squirmy little ones!), and are the perfect size when taking the photo.

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