Best iPhone Apps for Pregnant Moms


Pregnancy comes with enough to remember. How many weeks has it been? When is that next doctor’s visit? How much weight have I gained? Fortunately, we can now rely on technology to help track the details of pregnancy while “baby brain” tries to figure out where the car keys are.

The popularity of the iPhone has prompted app developers to release hundreds of pregnancy-related apps. Here’s a rundown of some of the best we’ve yet to come across:

Pilates for Pregnancy Complete
PilatesPrice: $0.99
Keep those cravings in check and reduce extra post-pregnancy jiggle by following along with a vast selection of pregnancy-safe, easy-to-understand Pilates exercises available for the low price of a ninety-nine cent app download.



I’m Expecting

ImExpectingPrice: Free
Simple functions allow mommies-to-be to keep close track of the number of weeks left in their pregnancy, current weight and any uncomfortable symptoms. Helpful tips along the way offer suggestions for de-stressing and preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy.


m-Pregnancy For Men with Pregnant Women
Pregnancy for MenPrice: $2.99
If your significant other isn’t exactly eager to sit down with a baby book, hook him up with the m-Pregnancy app For Men With Pregnant Women. All things baby, from the size of your growing munchkin to reminders about the due date, are presented in a man-friendly format. For instance, while you may relate the size of your growing fetus to a quarter, your husband may be more apt to visualize the circumference of a beer cap.


Baby Names

Baby Names AppPrice: Free
Joe or Jim? Jenny or Jamie? Deciding what to name your new arrival can present plenty of opportunity for debate. However, apps like Baby Names offer a vast selection of name ideas in one simple location. Check out the origin of names, popularity and meanings any time you’ve got a few free minutes and your phone.


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