Review: Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock


Ah, the trials of grocery shopping with an infant: Fill your shopping cart with baby’s car seat and you have no room for anything else. Hold your little one close in your arms and you can barely navigate the cart throughout the store.

So what’s a new parent to do when faced with a to-do list and a small baby?

Enter the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock ($49.95), also affectionally dubbed in our house ‘the savior.’ The hammock attaches securely to a standard-sized shopping cart and keeps baby nestled snuggly in the basket—leaving you hands-free and offering plenty of room for groceries beneath your little one.

This innovative and unique item is bound to gain status as a registry must-have, offering plenty of convenience and safety features for new parents.

Here’s what we love:

Convenience: Aside from the critical space-saving feature, the Binxy Baby hammock rolls up easily to fit neatly inside your purse or diaper bag. When you’re ready to shop, simply unroll, secure, and go!

An easy clean: If you’re a new parent you know—having a baby item be machine washable is non-negotiable. Babies are messy and unpredictable, and at the end of the day, who has the time or energy to hand wash laundry? Throw this hammock in the washing machine and hang to dry.

Security: The Binxy Baby design has undergone rigorous testing, which should put your worried new mama brain at ease. Not only does the hammock comply with the guidelines set forth by the US Consumer Safety Improvement Act, but it also meets or exceeds all safety requirements here in the US. Phew.

Solid design: Don’t be fooled by the hammock’s simplicity; this product is tough. Comprised of two layers of hefty fabric, the Binxy Baby can hold up to 50 pounds of baby or infant car seat! More on that down below.

Versatility: Let’s say baby is snoozing and you don’t want to wake him or her with a transfer from car seat to hammock. Install the hammock and secure the infant car seat snuggly inside! This ensures you won’t disturb your little one, but you’ll still reap the benefits of all that cart space beneath your kiddo.

The Binxy Baby hammock is designed for use from birth to up to 50 pounds—or when your little one can sit upright unassisted. If you purchase this at the start of your parenting journey, you can expect a good seven or eight months of use—making this a solid investment.

While the hammock has many features we love, we will issue one caveat: You’re going to need two hands to install this in your cart. Don’t attempt to set this up with a wiggly baby in your arms. Our pro tip? Park near the cart corral and attach the cart before removing baby from his or her car seat. The result? A totally convenient—not to mention stylish—new way to shop!

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