Car seat makeover: Bokoo Seat Covers


Bokoo car seat cover

We are a family on-the-go, so there are often times when we feed the kids in the car.  Myhusband and I are always taking the dust buster to the car seat, or wishing we could throw the car seat in the washer/dryer rather than just taking a wet wipe to it over smushed berries, spilled milk or other mess.  And when you have a diaper blow out or a sick kid, you really do want to throw the car seat in the laundry…  When I heard of the Bokoo seat covers, with their waterproof liner, special anti-crumb design, simple installation and stylishness (great colors), I decided to give it a try.

Bokoo limeWe have a Bokoo car seat cover specifically made for the Britax Marathon car seat.  The cover itself is really easy to slip on/off the car seat without having to uninstall the car seat and the built-in elastic holds the cover tightly in place.  There is no need to re-thread the straps or anything extra.  With its ease of use, washing it once a week (or as necessary) is no problem.  The covers are made from GreenGuard certified fabrics and approved for ECO TextileClass 1 for Babies, which in this day in age of chemicals, it’s just nice to reduce the number of harmful substances and chemicals your children are exposed to!  The covers are also available in organic fabric if you are interested.  There is a water-proof liner, so the original seat doesn’t get soaked or wet, and the fabric gathers tightly around the straps so crumbs don’t fall into the seat itself.

Aesthetically, the Bokoo seat covers come in very appealing colors with the white piping, very stylish and simple.  We have the color blueberry and love it.  The car seat was used previously by our two older kids, so I was ready for a change-up and the Bokoo cover quickly gave our car seat the $69 face lift which I was actually desperately yearning for.

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