ChooMee Sip’n – finally a solution to make pouches easy for toddlers

I love the convenience of pouches, but with my son’s painful teething it was difficult to just hand the pouch over.  With the Sip’n I can finally just hand my son a pouch and let him enjoy it.  There are a few benefits to using these things, I’m totally hooked and keep them in a few different spots (diaper bag, kitchen, stroller, etc.).  I think top benefits are:

+ protects the mouth from the hard plastic top

+ much more comfortable than the hard plastic top

+ manages the flow of the food

+ controls the food coming out so they don’t spill over

For moms who are on the go, which I’m sure most of us are, this is a great solution to have.  Even as I start to pull back on using pouches as we move towards finger food, I still love having these as an option to make pouches easy.

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