Crane Drop Humidifier


Crane Drop Humidifiers

There are a lot of reasons to go out and get a humidifier, especially if you have a new baby in the house.   When small babies get colds, it’s even harder to keep their noes clear since infant nostrils are so small.  Using a humidifier at night is sometimes the only way to ensure that they can clear the crusty junk in their noses that make it difficult to breathe and often keeps them up (and you) all night.

Crane makes a line of beautiful small humdifiers that replace the clunky old machines of the past.  Available in bright, playful colors, these oversized water drops are a nice complement to modern decor in the baby’s room or in yours.

We liked the affordable price (a bit under $50) of the Crane Drop humidifier, which is a bit higher than a steam vaporizer, but with less hot water danger and an adjustable steam control. Crane also has a variety of kid-friendly designs (think Thomas the Train), some of which are $10 cheaper, but which won’t fit as well in your bedroom.

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Humidifiers can help to naturally:
·        Loosen nasal congestion
·        Ease Dry Coughs
·        Soothe Itchy Dry Skin
·        Moisten Chapped Lips
·        Prevent Nose Bleeds

They are a good complement to the other classic home congestion remedy: hot water with lemon and honey, which of course you can’t give to a baby.

Humidifiers are worth a look as you are prepping a nursery, or even to make sure DH stays healthy throughout the winter to get up for the 2AM feeding.

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