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NewtonbabyThe crib mattress is one item I would never skimp on. Given how many hours a child spends on top of his mattress, starting from the first night home from the hospital, it’s important that it not only provide a good night’s rest, but also be designed with SIDS prevention in mind and be free of any dangerous toxins that could be harmful in the long run. The Newton Crib Mattress is a choice candidate if you take mattresses as seriously as I do.

The Newton Crib Mattress is built upon Wovenair fabric technology, which makes it highly breathable, washable and recyclable. It uses food-grade polymers that are 90% air. This means that the mattress holds its form but remains lightweight and allows air to easily pass through. A quilted cover with a raised cloud design zips around the mattress, providing comfort and additional airflow for even greater breathability. For those who are familiar with traditional crib mattresses, you’ll find the Newton’s soft surface to be a huge contrast to the plastic covered extra firm mattresses that are usually designed for babies. While I appreciate how the traditional mattresses strive to prevent suffocation by creating a top surface that doesn’t deflect much under baby’s weight, I have always thought these mattresses couldn’t be terribly comfortable to sleep on. With the Newton Crib Mattress, I’m excited to see a softer yet still breathable surface that I can lay my child upon. My child has a comfortable mattress to rest on, and I can relax knowing that he can still breathe easily.

The increased airflow also ensures that baby sleeps cooler, an important feature given that babies often sleep warmer and sweatier than adults. This equates to greater comfort and better, longer sleep, which is good for everyone in the family.

Another big difference you’ll notice from many other mattresses is that there is no off-gassing when you first receive this mattress. The Newton is free from foam, latex, springs, glue and halogenated fire retardants, which means no toxic chemicals or allergens. This also makes the mattress 100% recyclable, which helps me feel better as a parent, given how many products we go through.

One word you don’t usually associate with mattresses is “washable,” but with the Newton, you can! Because the mattress isn’t sealed in a waterproof cover like most crib mattresses, you can remove the quilted cover and clean both it and the mattress itself. The cover is machine washable, and the mattress can be cleaned in your shower or tub. Regular washing prevents bacteria build-up, which along with suffocation and overheating, is often seen as a contributor to SIDS. While no mattress can claim to prevent SIDS altogether, having all three risk factors reduced with the Newton brings me greater peace of mind. Still, please remember that “back is best” and put baby in the crib facing up and with no blankets, covers or stuffed animals.

The Newton Crib Mattress retails for $295 and includes a 100 night trial with free shipping and returns. Learn more at


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