The Cruiser 3 Booster Seat from Kiddy


With its bright color options, and comfortable padding, the Cruiser 3 from Kiddy is a great option for children transitioning to a booster seat.    

Here’s what I love:

The quality and versatility

The sturdy Cruiser 3 is clearly well made, with attractive fabric options that are durable, washable, and gender neutral. There’s ample padding for occupants, and many features that provide for a comfortable ride. My favorite feature of the Cruiser 3 is its adaptability. The deep seat provides ample room for children between 33 and 120 pounds, and the backrest can be adjusted for a child’s height and width. The leg rest also adjusts to five different positions, allowing for continued comfort as a child grows.

Another favorite feature is the handy compartment under the booster where you can store the manual. In the event you need to move the seat to a new car, the manual is always available.      


I found this booster seat surprisingly easy to install. Car seat manuals can be daunting with their pages of endless warnings, but the Kiddy directions were simple and straight forward, and the installation was a breeze. One caveat, the Cruiser 3 must be installed securely against the seat, and that means that in some cars the headrest must be removed. We had to remove the headrest in our car for installation. 

Another handy feature is the clear markings for correct buckling. The Cruiser 3 contains a correct “belt path” to ensure the seat belt is used correctly and safely. 

Here’s what I’d change:

The size

The Cruiser 3 is not the largest booster seat out there, but it’s not a narrow seat either. It takes up quite a bit of room in a small car. However, I think it’s a fair tradeoff for the ability to use the booster up to 120 lbs.

At the end of the day, the Cruiser 3 from Kiddy is a well-made, quality booster seat with a simple and sleek design. While safety is obviously the main focus of the seat, easy use can’t be far behind. The Cruiser 3 seems tailor-made for parents who need quick, foolproof installation and use without much hassle.


  1. Great post and thanks for sharing your thoughts .,It is the second time that I buy a kiddy car seat for my son. I love the fact that if he falls asleep in the car he has the 2 sides not only for protection during a collision but also for support on his head and neck. it is very safe and worth the price. It is so easy to use. If you have to change the car seat from a car to another car it is so easy. It works like a booster but the security level is the best. I am so happy with this car seat

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