SoftTiles Play Mat


I was in the market for a carpet for my toddler’s bedroom, when I came across the SoftTiles Play Mat sets. I thought, “What a cute and affordable idea for a kid’s bedroom!” So naturally, I jumped at the chance to test drive this product.

The company was generous enough to send over the Dark Pink and White Safari Animals Kids Play Mat with Borders ($120). The first benefit was the affordability; I was looking at carpets costing well over $300 for the kind of cushioning I needed. The mat is 6.5 ft. x 6.5 ft. and fits perfectly in my daughter’s bedroom. It gives the room an adorable accent and the beveled edges give it a very nice finish, with the added benefit of preventing tripping.

We had so much fun putting this mat together.  It was easy to assemble and my kids were able to participate in the puzzle fun. The kids get a kick out of pulling it apart and putting it back together. It really puts the “fun” in functional!

One of the other many benefits to this mat is how easy it is to clean. In the first couple weeks, we were hit by the dreaded stomach bug. My daughter vomited directly onto this mat. I was beyond grateful she made it over the bed in time. A couple wipes and all clean, no scrubbing and no stains! This is a huge benefit for a busy mom.

Finally, my daughter is well known for her tossing and turning while she sleeps.  The main reason I started looking for a carpet was to help cushion the floor, in case she fell out of bed.  Hardwood floors are not gentle, needless to say. The SoftTiles Play Mat is exactly that, soft. She managed to fall out of bed a week ago (yes we have a bedrail) and landed on the mat without injury, aside from a jolting scare. Yet again, I was very grateful for choosing the SoftTiles Play Mat.

All in all, I have no complaints, and love my SoftTiles Play Mat. I would recommend this product to any busy parent with a growing family!

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