Tempaper Nursery Wallpaper


If you’re anything like me, the moment the pregnancy test read positive, you began decorating baby’s nursery in your mind. Throughout pregnancy, I studied magazines and compiled spaces on Pinterest—and each and every sweet baby room that caught my eye had one common denominator: wallpaper.

I have always loved the look of a bold print and marveled at the way it quickly can transform a room. But I’ve long shied away from hanging wallpaper in my home because, frankly, it has always seemed like too much work. And the mess of spreading wallpaper paste? No, thank you.

So when Tempaper reached out and offered to send me a sample for review, I knew I had to say yes.

Tempaper Designs offers a variety of wallpaper prints, ranging from subdued classics to whimsical children’s patterns to bold designs. The papers are self-adhesive and removable—meaning they’re perfect for the first-time wallpaper hanger. What’s more, they are lead, VOC, and phthalate-free.

For my first foray into wallpapering, I thought I’d start small with a nook within my little one’s nursery. I wanted to go bold so I chose the Tropical Fete Azure Blue pattern ($125/roll).

The Tempaper website features a handy calculator to help figure out just how many rolls you need. I’d say that if you’re new to this, order a bit more than you think you might need, just to ensure you can match up the pattern.

The wallpaper itself is stunning. The colors are a vibrant mix of deep blues and creams, intertwining oversized blooms and graceful birds. It’s at once funky and sophisticated and makes a bright statement for a baby’s room.

Wallpapering a small nook took me about two hours. I’m not a patient person, but I found this process relatively easy. I messed up several times, but had absolutely no problem pulling the paper off and repositioning it. Unlike traditional wallpapers, Tempaper acts like a giant sticker with a wax backing that pulls apart when you’re ready to apply the paper to the wall. I also suggest springing for a small plastic squeegee ($4.95) to release air bubbles as you go. 

One note for those looking to wallpaper in preparation for a new baby: tackle this project sooner rather than later. The adhesive does have a slight smell to it and I wish I had a week or two to air out the nursery before my little one settled back in.

All in all, I am so pleased with the way the Tempaper turned out. The pattern is beautiful and unique, the application process went smoothly, and best of all it’s completely commitment-free. If my daughter decides one day she hates the look, all we need do is peel the paper away.

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