Pattern LA Transitional Diaper Bag


The PatternLA transitional diaper bag is a great alternative for fashionable moms on the go. When I was shopping for my first child over 5 years ago, I wanted a diaper bag that was en vogue but also functional. I purchased one with numerous internal and external pockets for “easy” storage. What I found instead was every time I needed an item I was frantically searching and emptying every pocket.

The PatternLA bag eliminates this struggle. Toss a couple diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes and be on your way. There are internal pockets if you choose but they are not cavernous.

Stylish and functional

After you survive the six to nine months of babyhood, you tend to “need” a lot less gear. This transition bag is perfect for your needs. It is large enough to carry your personal goods plus the extra baby items, but still stylish enough to use as a purse when you’re out and about without your little one.

As the mom of three, I slow began moving away from the traditional diaper bag with each new baby. I opted instead for a fold up changing station that I could toss into a larger purse. This way whether out with my children or not, I didn’t have to change over my bag inevitability forgetting something, like my wallet or house keys.

The PatternLA transitional tote bag is stylish and functional. I use the dark metallic vegan leather design and love it. It has a lightweight, sturdy design with a water resistant lining to protect against the water bottles or baby food pouches that are bound to leak.

I’m so happy to have found this bag. I receive many compliments and have passed on this great find to other moms on the go.

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