Jujube Diaper Bag


A diaper bag is the most important item I grab as I dash out of the house- besides my baby, of course! As such, I expect a lot from it. It must be cute, functional, light, durable, and big enough to contain everything I need and everything I don’t realize I need until I really need it. I was beyond psyched when Jujube asked me to test drive their newest print, “The Versailles,” in any one of their popular, fun, and functional bags. I chose the Be Right Back ($155), backpack styled diaper bag. They kindly sent me not just the diaper bag, but also the matching Fuel Cell ($30). Together, the two have suddenly made every outing with my baby so much easier.

The bags arrived quickly—maybe a week after I placed the order. In person, I liked the print so much more than what I’d seen on my computer screen. The official description, a rich tapestry of chocolate and copper with gilded hardware, says it all. I’m not normally a gold person, but even I was swayed by how discreetly elegant this bag looked. Wearing it made me feel so much more stylish and trendy. I also immediately fell in love with how many pockets it has. Plenty of room to tuck in extra cloth diapers, wipes, clothes, burp cloths, a wallet, keys, multiple water bottles, and even two smaller, soft pockets for extra-delicate items such as an iPhone. It can also easily fit the Fuel Cell, which is a soft cooler made of 3M Thinsulate material, perfect for keeping food and drinks cold or hot.

So much to love

There’s so much about this bag that I like and the more I use it, the more I’ve been telling my friends about it. The straps of the Be Right Back are comfortably padded, so even if you load it up to its fullest capacity, it still sits comfortably on your shoulders. There’s also a handy top strap that can be used to grab the bag quickly. The inside has a zippered mesh area, which is a nice way to be able to organize things while still being able to see what’s in there. With the memory foam changing pad giving the back of the bag that extra padding, I’m also able to pack my nice camera in the bag without worrying that it’ll break if the bag gets bumped around a bit. The outer material is stain resistant, so I’m confident it’ll continue looking good for a long time to come. In addition, the bag is also machine washable, which is absolutely awesome (because who has time to dry clean?). I also really value how compact this bag is—everything can be zipped or buttoned, so I don’t wonder whether anything is falling out.

I do find that the beautiful, gold-plated hardware does jingle a good bit. While this doesn’t normally bother me, if I’m trying to walk quietly somewhere I do notice it. Also, since the bag is a little bit too big to stuff easily into the undercarriage of my Bob Stroller, this means I either have to wear it when out walking or use a diaper bag hook to hang it off the front of the stroller. I also wish that the exterior bottle pockets were just the slightest bit bigger, because my son’s Munchkin Miracle 360 cup can’t fit into them easily. I ended up purchasing a Camelbak bottle, though, for when we’re out on the go, and that slides in perfectly.

I really do love this bag and am so excited on how much it’s simplified my outings. My previous diaper bag—a heavy, over the shoulder bag with only one big compartment—doesn’t even compare with the Jujube Be Right Back. I’m thrilled by the sudden organization and style that this bag has brought into my life and am excited that it not only serves me well now, but should easily fit everything I need for a (future!) second child, as well.

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