Lassig’s Green Label Diaper Bag Review


There are so many diaper bag styles to choose from. From functionality to appearance, there is such a wide variety and it can be overwhelming for new moms. I received a basic diaper bag at my baby shower and was fine with it, but when I was given the opportunity to try the Green Label Diaper Bag from Lassig, I realized how much better it worked for me! This bag is both functional and stylish. In addition to all the functionality features, it is also eco-friendly and made of recycled water bottles. As a somewhat “crunchy” mom, I really liked this unique feature!

This bag has so many pockets to keep everything organized. It has four large outer pockets, one with a keyring and another with a phone pocket. They are lined with water resistant material so I don’t have to worry about slipping a wet bib, or a water bottle into them. I use these outer pockets for things I want to keep close at hand, such as my wallet, sunglasses, or a hat for the baby. These outer pockets also have two more zippered areas and one is lined with more durable fabric so it functions as an insulated wet pouch. The large main compartment has even more pockets and pouches of various sizes, some Velcro, some zippered. Seriously, a type-A mama’s dream. The inner pockets lay nice and flat, so that if you prefer to just use the main compartment you have plenty of room as well. It’s a win-win for different organizational styles. This bag also comes with a separate small zip pouch, and an insulated removable bottle/baby food holder. I was previously using an insulated lunch bag for bottles and food and this was so much more convenient. It also comes with a changing mat, and a longer shoulder strap and metal hooks on the outside of the bag.

The best features of this bag are the abundance of pockets, overall size, and light weight of the bag. I received the taupe bag with blue accents and liked that it was neutral and dad didn’t mind carrying it as much as my previous bright purple one. The only downside of this bag was the Velcro stroller hooks that come with it. I had a hard time using them without them coming undone. Personally, I had to use the longer shoulder strap because the regular straps just wouldn’t stay on my shoulder when I was toting a squirming baby. Other than those two minor details, this is an excellent bag.

This diaper bag retails for $169.99, and I think it’s a great value for all the convenient features and overall durability of the bag. It still looks brand new and I think it will for a long time. I could see myself continuing to use this down the road, and think it would work for a family with multiple children and more things to carry around. This bag would make a wonderful gift or registry addition for any mom, I highly recommend it.

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