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When I asked my friends for recommendations on what diaper pail we should invest in for our first baby, they all had the same response, ”The Diaper Dekor Plus is the only way to go.” We have been using it for the past 2 weeks and it is definitely on the top of my must-have baby items list.

First, its slick design makes it easy on the eyes. It does not look like a typical baby product, making it easier for moms to use after the baby is done with diapers – it converts to a nice garbage can! And is a compact size too.

Second, the way it functions is easy and keeps the smell in the can. It has a ”step and drop” function. This function is defined just like it sounds. You step on the flap at the bottom of the bin and then drop the dirty diaper in the enclosed bin. In total, there are three ways the smell of a dirty diaper is masked – the most important feature to look for in a diaper pail. The manufacturer calls these three features the Triple Seal.

1) the outer lid is the first barrier against odor.  The Dekor lid opens with a press of your foot on a lever at the bottom, like a kitchen garbage can.

2)  Inside is an interior bin which is actually which only opens when a diaper is dropped inside.

3: Finally, a scented bag goes in the pail.

Important also is the ease in removing and replacing the bag that goes in the pail. The bag liner is built into the pail and is unlike any other diaper pail bag. When first using the bag, you will notice that it does not have a bottom. To create a bottom, you tie a knot to create a seal. Then you pull down to the length of the bin. Once the bin is filled with diapers (bin can hold up to 50 diapers!), you pull the bag down to have the top reach the bottom and use the built in bag cutter on the door of the bin to cut the used bag section. Tie another knot at the top of the used bag and dispose.

The Diaper Dekor Plus should be on your must-have baby product list and is a great gift for first time mothers who need help sifting through what is necessary for the new addition to their family.  And, unlike other diaper bins, the Dekor can be used after baby is out of diapers as a kitchen garbage can or elsewhere in the house, with or without the scented bags.




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