Ezpz Silcone Happy Mat


The ezpz Happy Mat’s Placemat + Plate and Placemat + Bowl is a parent’s solution to training a toddler how to eat at the table without all of the mess. As a parent in the midst of letting my 15-month-old eat at the table, I was a bit terrified at the thought of her slinging food across the kitchen floor as she grabbed and threw her plate. I was first introduced to this product while watching Shark Tank one evening—I immediately loved the idea and gifted it to a friends’ 1-year-old on her birthday. Although I was a bit envious, I knew I’d eventually get one for my daughter as I thought it was such an ingenious idea.

The Happy Mat suctions to the table and does not move—it comes in playful colors and a smiling face design. I love that it is easily washable by just throwing it in the dishwasher. You can choose from a placemat + bowl or a placemat + plate for more plating options for your child’s food. Each mat can be stored easily as they stack and they are free from all of those worrisome chemicals such as BPA, Phthalate, and PVC.  The packaging is fun and gives the consumer the ability to feel the product with an opening at the front of the box.

Compared to the typical plate, this plate is expensive. They sell on Amazon from anywhere between $19.99 and $29.99, dependent on the color. they are sold for $24.99 on the ezpz website. While browsing on Amazon, I also noticed that there were other similar products that grip to a table similar to ezpz from $9.99 and up; this could give ezpz a bit of competition.

I love that this product was designed by a mom who experienced the same struggles we all do as moms—getting our kids to eat and keeping our house as mess-free as possible. I have found that this item is rarely put away as I am constantly using it—the mat goes from dishwasher to table, table to dishwasher. I of course, would recommend this product to anyone.

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