Wonderful Oogaa spoons and bowls


These spoons and bowls are fantastic. The oogaa silicone spoons are the perfect size to feed Baby just the right amount in each bite. They are colorful and bright and fun to use. Best of all, they have teething ridges on the bottom of the spoons. For a baby just learning to eat, this makes introducing food much easier.

The spoons are made of a silicone material which is rubbery and soft, but firm enough to let the baby gum it. The ridges make it easy for the baby to get used to the new sensory experience of eating off of a spoon. The spoons fit perfectly into the baby’s mouth. The angle of the spoon is terrific– most of the food actually gets into the baby’s mouth. And the thick, soft silicone works well to scoop up whatever food doesn’t make it in. In addition to the ridged spoons– which are more simple looking– there are some for “storytelling” feeding, complete with planes and trains, also made out of silicone. The fun designs allow for feeding games.

The bowls are made of a more flexible silicone and are just perfect for mashing up soft foods. The bowls are a great size, easy to handle and very easy to wash.

Babies will love using these products. They make feeding time fun, safe and easy. I absolutely love these Oogaa silicone baby feeding products.

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