Zoli Teethers


Zoli produces two different kinds of teething products: Gummy Sticks and Silicone Teethers. We tried both with our daughter and she continues to use one over the other as we wait for her teeth to come through. This is not because one is better than the other. It is all based on her preference.

Gummy Stick

The Gummy Stick has a plastic ergonomically designed handle that is easy for a baby as young as 4 months to hold. In fact, the way baby would hold the Gummy Stick serves as good training ground for how they will eventually hold a toothbrush. Above the handle is a textured silicone pieces that will gently massage baby’s gums and tongue as they move it around in their mouth and bite on to it. Between the handle and the silicone is a small shielding device that prevents baby from choking on the stick if they decide to stick it too far in their mouth.

Silicone Teethers

 Zoli has three different shapes of silicone teethers: Clover, Mushroom, and Star. Each of these teethers are silicone with no water in them. They are very light weight and all three shapes are very easy for baby to grasp. Each shape has unique textures which help soothes baby’s gums.

As mentioned earlier, it is really all based on baby’s preference which of these two products they end up using more. And like many baby products, they may use one at one point and then decide to move to the other another point. I’m glad we have both kinds because it added a lot of variety to those moments when our baby was hysterical from sore gums and the different styles served as a distraction for her.


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