Knocked-Up Fitness Videos


Knocked-Up Fitness Videos
Prenatal Pilates-infused Fitness & Core Pilates Workouts

First and foremost, I cannot believe that Erica Ziel has had 3 children! Wow, her body is amazing and her videos helped me feel like I was on the track to getting a great workout while pregnant.

I started with the Pilates-Infused Fitness video. The video has an easy to use menu that guides you through the 5 separate workouts of the video. Each workout is between 8-12 minutes long, which allows you to target specific areas and mix and match for the length and type of workout that you want. I personally loved this, because each workout was short yet effective and allowed me to do 3-4 workouts in a row on days when I was feeling energized and 1-2 on days when I felt zapped of all energy.

You only need resistance bands, light hand-weights and an exercise ball to do these workouts. Erica guides you through a series of movements that feel easy at first, but after a few repetitions you can feel the burn. Ziel is a good instructor, easy to follow, with a just the right amount of pep without being hyper. I will say that sometimes on the videos it can be a bit hard to hear what Erica is saying (sound quality varies segment to segment) but you can easily follow along by watching and by reading the tips and modifications that appear at the bottom of the screen. I wasn’t a fan of the cheesy 80s graphics at the beginning of each segment, but that is easily overlooked by the quality of the workout on the DVD.

The Core Pilates Workouts video also by Erica Ziel was fantastic and I ended up using this video the most. Again the video is divided into workouts however this video only had 2 workouts, Core Cardio and Pilates Yoga. Both of these workouts 12-20 min helped me feel energized throughout the day and helped me target my core so that I could support the weight of my growing belly. Again, Ziel was easy to follow and watch. Don’t let the ‘core’ title scare you; you won’t be doing any crunches in this video. Rather it is a mix of exercises that help you feel strong enough to carry your growing baby and regain a taut midsection once you have delivered.

These are great videos for any woman who wants to stay fit, active and healthy during her pregnancy.

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