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We love Zumba Fitness Core for staying in shape, though you should be sure to ask your doctor if this strenuous dancing routine is good for you throughout your pregnancy. The word ”core” itself shouldn’t scare you about this being bad for your expanding belly. The dance routines are more about cardio than they are about building your abs.

Like the other Zumba fitness videos for Wii, you follow an animated dance leader like in a real Zumba class. She (usually a she) keeps you moving through the paces in 3 to 4 minute songs until the total of time of your workout is elapsed. You can set up classes to be 20, 40 and around 60 minutes, and in this edition they feature warm up and cool down portions like in a real class.

On each song you’re scored based on movements as measured by the Wii-mote stored in your special green and black Zumba belt. From what we can tell, the scoring is pretty accurate if you get the beat right but it is fun to get the Zumba accolades when you feel you’ve been particularly on target. Note, up to four dancers can play, but you will need some sort of extra belts either by Majesco or jerry-rigged to hold the Wii remote close to your waist.

We liked the way this version has tutorials to help you lean the Zumba moves, a feature curiously lacking in the prior game we played. You really need to learn 24 basic steps if you’d ever consider doing this in front of anyone other than very close friends. If you know the Salsa, Meregue, and Samba, you already have a head start.

While previous games were more focused on latin rhythms with a bit of swing, Zumba Fitness Core includes new dance styles including Brazilian Funk, Celtic Bluegrass, Jive, Disco and Polynesian. This version includes 40 new songs, as well as dance tutorials for Samba, Bollywood, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Cumbia.

The Zumba Fitness series is a good addition to other fitness games you have to keep you motivated and in shape throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


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