Aden and Anais Serenity Star


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The Serenity Star is a great addition for any nursery. Not only a digital clock, this product is designed to be an electronic feeding and sleep system that benefits both mom and baby. The entire system includes the following features: clock, feeding log, sound machine, room temperature indicator, and night light. It can be powered electronically or via AAA batteries.

The design aesthetic of this product follows the rest of Aden and Anais’ products – simple, clean and can match any nursery theme. It is one of the things I love about this product because I wanted to include a clock of some sort in our nursery, but had a really hard time finding one that looked simple and sweet.

I have used the Serenity Star mainly as my time keeper, room temperature indicator, and night light. In fact, as the temperature indicator and night light feature work hand-in-hand; when the room is the perfect temperature (65 degrees), the star shines in white. When too hot (above 65 degrees) it shines in red and when too cold (below 65 degrees) it shines in blue, making it really easy to figure out what is best for baby even in the middle of the night.

The feeding log feature is easy to use. There are buttons on the top back side of the unit that allows you to press them when you start and stop each feeding allowing you to keep track of when your last feeding was. My only gripe about this feature is that the buttons are a bit on the small side making it difficult to press them depending on the position you have your baby.

The sound machine comes with 4 sounds, one of them being a lullaby that my baby has grown accustomed to and prefers over others that I have used. Its sound level can be controlled and is loud enough to fill the room to lull baby to sleep.

I would gift this product to a friend expecting. It is one of those things that you would not necessarily think of adding to your registry because you would not know about it. But once someone gives it to you, you will be glad they did!





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