Little Sprout Baby Food Storage


Little Sprout Baby Food Storage Containers are the perfect solution to a mom’s homemade baby food and breast milk storage dilemma. The pop out portion tray, glass cups & cups with tray are BPA Free, PVC free and dishwasher & microwave safe. Additionally, each storage solution helps a busy mom organize her little one’s food by measurement markings on each container, interlocking cups and trays with easy stacking, dry erase markers for dating and simple parts which allow for quick cleaning. Moreover, there’s the option for storage in the fridge or freezer which makes it easy to pull out a quick meal if you plan on using the food shortly thereafter it’s made.

The Little Sprout Baby Food Storage Systems encourage moms who are wanting to make their own baby food and store breast milk in perfect portions for their baby.  I know that when I made baby food prior to owning Little Sprout, I used quart size plastic baggies. This was challenging when I needed to thaw the food and I often ended up throwing half of it away because I bagged too much for one serving. I love how each system encourages organization with labeling and stacking. Its reusable quality allows not only for the elimination of using throw away plastic baggies but also for food storage use even after baby has out grown pureed food.

Depending on the storage solution one purchases, the range of price falls between $14 to $22 dollars respectively; dependent on how much baby food one plans to make and store at once, this could become costly.

As a mom who is constantly striving for better ways to organize my life, I appreciate products like Little Sprouts Baby Food Storage. It allows me to do what I believe is best for my baby by providing homemade food and breast milk.



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