Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Gift Set


The Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy kit would make an excellent baby shower gift for an expectant mom in your life. The kit, priced at $49.95, comes with four great Fridababy products.

Simple, safe nail care

The first item in this set is the NailFrida, also known as the snipperclipper set. This set consists of a pair of nail clippers and an S file. There are a lot of baby nail clippers on the market but the NailFrida is different than other clippers I have tried. This is because in addition to the curved blades, comfortable non-slip handle, and smooth movement, the NailFrida also has what Fridababy calls a “spyhole” used to peek through the top of the clippers and avoid accidentally cutting baby’s fingers. The clippers are easy to use and feel safer than some of the others I have tried.

Gentle congestion relief 

The second product included in the set is the NoseFrida, or “snotsucker”. This is by far one of my favorite baby products. With my first baby, I had long sleepless nights when she was congested. In order to help provide some relief, I used nose bulbs to suck out excess snot. Every time I used a nose bulb, the suck from the bulb was so intense it would startle my daughter leaving her feeling more miserable and crying louder. The NoseFrida is a much gentler method and it leaves baby breathing easier. With a steady gentle suction, the NoseFrida eases congestion better than any bulb on the market. Proof that this item is exceedingly gentle and effective, my 1-year-old is actually requesting the NoseFrida to help with her discomfort. In the past, when congested, she would cry and turn away when she saw a nose bulb.

Natural, easy gas relief 

The third product is the Windi, or the “Gaspasser.” This is Fridababy’s natural solution to gas relief. This is another great product from Fridababy that reduces baby’s discomfort in a quick, simple, and safe manner. It is easy to use and is fast-acting. The one down side to this product is that it is single use, meaning if you have an uncomfortable, gassy baby like I did, purchasing could get costly.

Postpartum hygiene help 

The last product included in the kit is the Fridet, or “Momwasher.” This product is designed to assist with postpartum perineal care and is an alternative to the squirt bottles given in the hospital. In full disclosure, I had my baby by C-section and therefore didn’t need this product as I transitioned into new motherhood. I could certainly see how this might be a beneficial item to have on-hand, however, if you know a mother who plans to deliver in the OR, I’d recommend skipping the gift set and buying these must-have items individually instead.

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