Glamourmom Maternity Bra Tank

October 12, 2011 by

 Glamourmom Maternity Bra Tank

I love, love, love this tank!  I have the large, black tank and plan on getting the extra large next!  I have worn it between weeks 17 and 27 of my pregnancy and it has retained it’s shape, support and color – which rarely happens with any clothing I own.  The material is soft and feels great.  It has enough coverage and support for those days when my chest was tender that I could wear the tank and take a break from wearing a bra – which was a great relief.  I love the cut in the front and back, the width of the straps (and that they are adjustable!), and the length to cover my growing tummy.  I’ve been wearing different tanks underneath shirts for some time now, but this tank I feel comfortable wearing all on its own.

– Hiroko Reams

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