Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light – Perfect for Bedtime

September 04, 2013 by

Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light – Perfect for Bedtime


We recently put the Glo Buddy night light in our son’s nursery and he loves it.  This is the perfect solution if you’re thinking about how to add some soft light to the room at bedtime in a way that isn’t disruptive to the normal bedtime routine.


Our turtle sits just beside the crib in our son’s room.  We turn him on before bedtime and our son can crawl over and play with the turtle before he goes to bed.  But if we don’t want him to play or get distracted we move the turtle towards the wall/side of the room, but still benefit from the soft light allowing us to turn off the overhead lights but still see enough to feed or read a book sticking with our bedtime rituals.

The turtle is made of a soft plastic material.  It’s big and smooth. It’s a decent size but also can easily slide under a crib/bed.  The automatic shutoff is a great feature.  It’s also really easy to clean, which is convenient since my son loves to put everything in his mouth and even manages to get his mouth on his Glo Buddy turtle. For more info about the Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light, check out

 Step2 Glo Buddy Turtle Night Light Perfect for Bedtime


Kelly Kotzman is mom to a little boy just under a year old. She loves spending time with her little family on the beach & traveling. Her son has already proven to be quite the traveler. Kelly works in technology and while passionate about the space, also loves leaving technology behind as much as possible on the weekends!

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