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My husband and I made the early decision to try cloth diapers and were pleasantly surprised to see how far they’ve come since the days when our parents griped about getting stuck with safety pins.

We’ve been using a cloth diaper delivery service but were intrigued to try GoGreen pocket diapers as a low cost, easy-to-clean alternative. While there is still no diaper that is completely leak-proof and a pleasure to change or clean, the Go Green diapers have many great features that are worth checking out if you go the cloth route and don’t mind laundering the diapers yourself.

For our trial run, we had two GoGreen Champ diapers with six cloth inserts. This gave us a good idea of how these work, but if you plan to use these as your main diapers, you’ll need to invest in enough to cover all your diaper changes between laundry days. This shouldn’t break the bank as one of GoGreen’s best benefits is its affordability at only $15 for one Champ diaper and two inserts.

Intrigued? Here’s what else you should know about the GoGreen pocket diaper:


– With the Champ, one size fits all from birth to potty trained. A large assortment of snaps at the waist and the front of the diaper allow it to grow with your child in both length and girth. This flexibility allows you to get a custom fit that makes the diaper as leak-proof as possible. With the solid color diapers, the snaps are color coded so that you can make sure the diaper is centered when fastened and easily keep the sizing consistent each time you change your child.

– Double gussets in the leg holes provide an additional line of defense in keeping everything contained within the diaper. Made with a soft fabric, it keeps the diaper close to your baby without any worry that it will chafe her skin.

– As a cloth diaper, it does an incredible job of pulling the moisture away from your baby’s skin and into the diaper. My daughter’s bottom stayed relatively dry, soft and rash-free.

– The diaper’s pocket keeps the insert in position, ensuring that your baby has the optimum coverage at all times. Even with our incredibly active daughter, we didn’t have to worry that the insert would bunch up or slip out of place. Also, having the insert attached to the diaper made it much easier to change our daughter, who has a hard time keeping still during diaper changes. Pocket diapers remove a step from traditional cloth diapers where you need to first attach the cloth and then the cover.

– A snap in the front of the diaper allows you to connect the insert to the diaper. This gives you the versatility to use the insert on the outside of the pocket (between the your baby’s skin and the diaper), allowing you to reuse the diaper with a new insert if baby only happens to wet the insert. The snap also gives you the ability to double cover your child by using one insert in the pocket and one on the outside with the snap – useful for extra absorbency during nighttime wear. As an added bonus, the snap keeps the insert from becoming separated from the diaper when you do laundry.

– GoGreen diapers come in an assortment of colors and patterns. With so much variety, you will be tempted to just let your baby wear her diapers around since they’re so fashionable!


– Unlike the traditional cloth diaper with separate waterproof cover, the GoGreen pocket diaper and insert both need washing after a diaper change since the insert goes inside of the pocket and both will get soiled (unless you’ve chosen to use the insert outside of the pocket with the snap attachment). Therefore, just buying extra inserts won’t cut it. You’ll need to purchase enough diapers to cover the number of changes you do in a day.

– While the snaps do offer a lot of versatility in sizing, they do get somewhat overwhelming, especially on the print versions of the Champ where all the snaps are the same color. I’ve found that the Velcro fasteners that some diapers use are much easier when trying to change a squirming baby. However, I do acknowledge that snaps may be the preferred fastener once my child is old enough to try to remove her diaper on her own.

Overall, the GoGreen Champ pocket diaper is a great product to check out if you’ve been wanting to try cloth diapers. It performs very well with its size versatility and its ability to keep everything contained. At the same time, it’s affordable so that you can help the Earth and your wallet at the same time!

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