Ameribag’s Ergonomic Diaper Bag


I thought I had seen, tested and used nearly every style, type, and model of baby bag on the market. But then along came Ameribag’s ergonomic diaper bag and it was as though I could hear angels singing. This must-have baby bag is parent-friendly, stylish, and designed for supreme comfort.

I presumed that because the bag was sling-styled, The Healthy Back Baby Bag would eventually become uncomfortable if I put too many items inside of it. I also wondered just how effective the back padding and ergonomic form could really be on alleviating stress on my back from toting around my kiddo’s things. But after the first use, my skepticism quickly disappeared and I became a believer.

Pockets galore

First, the number of pockets and compartments may seem overwhelming on first glance, but once you have all your baby and
parent items ready you will be so grateful for the interior and exterior pockets. For the parent, there is a 3 pocket section with an organizer panel. For the kiddies, a changing pad and clear waterproof pouch for holding extra clothing and for using for wet or dirty clothing. There is even a clip to hang your keys, which is big plus for me, as I’m always digging around for keys no matter what pocket I place them in.

The Healthy Back Baby Bag is durable. I won’t lie, we haven’t been as gentle with this bag as all its predecessors, and it has officially replaced every other bag we have. It is machine washable, items don’t get soaked when rain or splashed on, and it is super lightweight. The design is modern, unisex, and the lining is silver, so most items will pop out and not fade into the bag as you rummage around–if you even need to–there are pockets for everything, I’m not kidding.

Finally, this bag does conform to your spine and helps you avoid the shoulder pressure that other bags often bring. The strap offers padding and does not slide off, leaving you hands-free to handle all your child’s needs. With this bag I feel as if I have won a small battle; we have used it for bike rides, road trips, and walks to the park. It truly is versatile and helps me feel organized and put together.

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