B Kids- Toss ‘n Dunk Elephant Hoop

The Toss ‘n Dunk Elephant Hoop by B kids has definitely given my 11 month old girl tons of entertainment. Usually toys keep her interest for a few days and she moves on but this toy has her captivated and she plays with it constantly. We have had it for three weeks so far and it is still the toy to which she pays the most attention. Although this toy is recommended for ages 12 months and up, I thought I would introduce it to her at 11 months to see if she could enjoy it. Sure enough, it has been a hit even at this early age.
The Toss ’n Dunk Elephant Hoop is a colorful plastic elephant that is holding a basketball hoop and when propped upright is about 1.5 feet tall. The size of this toy is perfect for my child since she cannot yet stand on her own and when she is sitting, the hoop is at the same level as her head so it is easy for her to reach. It comes with two brightly colored plastic balls which fit perfectly in her little hands one of which has little beads inside so it makes noise when she shakes it. The hoop sits on top of a trail (or mini maze) made up of a plastic wheel and plastic slide which lead to 3 different slots, each labeled with a point value. Conceptually, the child is supposed to drop or toss the ball into the hoop, watch the ball trickle down the trail/maze and then collect the points they get depending on which slot the ball lands. I am sure that when my daughter gets a bit older she will better understand how the game is intended to be played but for now she is having a blast making up her own ways to use this toy. She has found so many ways to amuse herself, from just shaking the balls in her hands to placing them in the hoop to watching them go down into the slots to simply placing the balls directly in the point slots and bypassing the hoop altogether. This toy is very lightweight which allows my daughter to move it around or lay it down which is great because she enjoys playing with it on her lap. When she does this, she pushes the balls through the little maze with her hands and appears to be fascinated by all the different places the little ball can fit. I enjoy watching her create her own fun by using her creativity. I look forward to my daughter eventually learning to toss the balls into the hoop and understanding the points she receives for doing so. I appreciate that she can grow with this toy instead of it being tossed aside as another item she has gotten over. I am convinced this toy will hold her attention for months to come as she develops more skills.
I have to say I love the Toss ’n Dunk Elephant Hoop because my daughter is completely entertained with all of its components. If I had to critique this toy in any way, the only thing I would only say is that some moms may prefer to see their toys made of wood or silicone etc. instead of plastic. Nonetheless, this is a great toy and a great addition to our playroom providing much appreciated creative entertainment for my little girl.

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