Isabelle Grace Engraved Keepsake Jewelry


What sweeter way to commemorate a new baby’s birth than with a beautiful necklace inscribed with his or her name or birthdate?

Plenty of this jewelry exists for new moms, but there’s something special about the Isabelle Grace line. Designed by a mom, Isabelle Grace is all about creating timeless, effortless, and casually sophisticated items that mark major milestones and celebrate those special moments in life.

I received the Script Charm Necklace ($130), inscribed with an “E” for my daughter. Both the chain and the charm disc are made of fine silver. The charm is inscribed by hand and features a brushed matte finish. I love the look of charm necklaces, and with the Script Charm Necklace, you have the option to add colored stones and additional charms to your necklace—perfect for a mom with a growing family!

This jewelry line features a range of styles, from simple and understated to a bit more ornate. These necklaces, bracelets, and keychains start at $24. While most items in this online shop are geared toward women, there are a few keychains and dog tag-style necklaces meant especially for dad.

The pieces themselves are well-made with quality craftsmanship. While the silver chain is dainty enough to look pretty, I’m not worried about a little one of mine yanking my necklace in two. I love how this necklace manages to match my minimalist style while also appearing special enough to pass down to my daughter when she’s grown.

A piece of jewelry from Isabelle Grace would make a wonderful gift for a new mom or grandmother to commemorate a little one’s birth.

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