Itzy Ritzy “Moc Happens” Baby Shoes /Moccasins


Itzy Ritzy Shoes

Start your baby off with a fetish for stylish shoes with the gift of Itzy Ritzy moccasins.

I have to admit that normally I don’t splurge on baby clothes, but with the quality of these shoes I am reminded why it is often worth it. My daughter started wearing these when she turned 7 months old and began practicing walking around the house.

I wanted her to have a nice soft-soled shoe to use and these were the perfect choice. The leather is very soft and high quality. We have the “Precious Metals” design which is silver with gold metallic fringe. Often times with metallic leather you will see cracks start to appear in the leather where the color rubs off, but that has not happened with these shoes.

I love that they have an elastic insert, which allows them to stay on my daughter’s feet much more so than other shoes she has. The size 6-12 month shoe fit loosely when my daughter was 7 months old, but they have grown with her as the elastic stretches. These are a terrific first walker shoe and I am always getting compliments when my daughter wears them outside our home.

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