Jaxxwear baby clothes — soft & adorable!


We recently tried a Jaxxwear (http://jaxxwear.com/) baby outfit for our 7 month old.  It’s now one of our favorites. We got the Pool Geo Polo Shortall, and it’s so precious on our little boy.  The Jaxxwear outfit is incredibly soft and comfortable.  The clothes are made from a special Peruvian cotton, which is probably why they’re so cuddly.  It’s also simply adorable.  This is one of the first items I’ve found that I can dress Jack up in for special occasions while knowing that he’s totally comfortable.

Jaxxwear clothes are soft and durable, and there are so many cute patterns to choose from.  While I love the ‘pool geo’ that we have, I also love the ‘whale watching’ and ‘baby boy plaid’ patterns for boys and the ‘pink picnic’ and ‘lilac geo’ patterns for girls.  This has proven to be a great line for keeping my baby comfortable, cute and wearing clothes that aren’t the same ones his little friends are wearing.  He is the hippest baby on the block now!

I also love that the clothes are designed in NY and made in Peru at hand picked socially responsible factories. Jaxxwear clearly has good attention to detail and it’s very clear in the output.

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