JJ Cole Bundleme Lite


JJ Cole Bundleme Lite

Let me start by saying how perfect the Bundleme Lite is for spring. I attached it to my infant carseat and my baby is nice and cozy on car rides, while running errands, and on longer outings when I use my carseat stroller.

I originally had the thicker fleece Bundleme attached to my infant carseat but in the past month, it was getting a tad too warm for my baby. I switched to the Lite and find it’s the right thickness for the unpredictable weather. So far it’s weathered rain, fog, and balmy spring days and of course, those chilly evenings. The outer layer is water resistant so the raindrops pelt off and the inner layer is a soft thin flannel. In the car, I don’t feel guilty blasting the heat because the Bundleme Lite isn’t too thick.

Come summer, I plan to keep using the Bundleme Lite as a little protection against the strong sun and a little layering for when the air conditioner is on. I always have the option of unzipping the top layer off if I think my baby’s getting too hot.

It took seconds to attach to the carseat and I noticed the slots for the carseat straps have actually improved since their older version Bundleme (the fleece one I have is OLD, which goes to show JJ Cole makes items that last and stand the test of multiple washings). The top layer zips up to just the perfect height so baby is well covered but her face isn’t. The bonus of having the Bundleme Lite instead of just using a baby blanket is that I don’t have to worry about it sliding around covering part of her face or falling off with her jerky arm movements. That’s especially important to me when I’m driving.

I have the light gray one and it looks nice with my green and cream carseat. I feel like the color is neutral enough that it would go well with many carseat colors. Plus, gray is such a stylish color at the moment.

The Bundleme Lite would make a great baby shower gift because it’s a great accessory that a new mom might not know about. And once you start using it, you really don’t go back to using a blanket!


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