Kids Preferred Melamine Dinnerware Set


The Mickey Mouse Melamine Set from Kids Preferred has all the necessities needed to have a successful mealtime experience for you and your little one. We opted for the Mickey Mouse set, as he is a favorite, but there are many options of characters so kids can enjoy mealtime and be encouraged to eat by their favorite friends, just in case mom or dad need help to get down not-so-favorite foods. Each item in the 5-piece set features the character design, is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The plate is fairly large (8.5”) and is sectioned in three to offer separation and portions. The bowl is not too steep for small hands to spoon or fork out food. The stainless steel fork and the spoon have plastic handles. The fork’s teeth are blunted to ensure kiddies do not hurt themselves. While the sippy cup is rather small, it has two handles to help assist mastering drinking and an easy on/off sippy top. The plastic on the spout of the sippy cup is hard. I didn’t think too much of this, as my little one is no longer using sippy cups, but it is something to be aware of. For smaller children, a softer spout seems ideal as you await the arrival of their first baby teeth.

What does seem a bit strange is the age factor. The set is promoted for children 6 months and older, but it seems that most the dinnerware pieces do not seem appropriate for a 6 month old. Aside from the sippy cup, I would think that this set is geared for an older child, 12 months or older. A feature that I’d love to see is a grip on the bottom of the plate and bowl, as mastering mealtime can be pretty active. Having the grip would be such a nice feature and assist in having more food eaten versus on the floor, making this mama happy.

All in all, this is an adorable dinnerware set that makes mealtime a fun experience for my little one. I recommend this set for parents of older toddlers, one year and up. As a first dinnerware set for a younger child, you may find this item has a few drawbacks and is better suited to a slightly more experienced eater.

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