Kinderspel Sling Bag Toddler Backpack


Kinderspel’s Sling Bag ($58) is such an innovative idea for a toddler backpack. How often do you finally get the backpack on your toddler or preschooler only to have them immediately want to get something out of it? Well, with the sling bag, they can open the bag themselves. A total game-changer in toddler travel.

I received the Savannah Cats print which is a sunny yellow-trimmed bag with cheetahs and teal accents. My 18-month-old son loved the kitties, and I like that it is gender neutral so could work for another child down the line.

What I loved about this toddler backpack

Immediately upon putting it on, my son wanted to swing the bag to the front and play with the zippers. It was so fun for him to zip and unzip, and put his special toys in the two separate compartments. The bag stayed on even with him playing with it. The strap is snug and clips together so the bag doesn’t easily come off over his head. He could bend over and do all his toddler wiggles and the bag stayed put.

The sling bag also seems well-made and survived our recent airplane trip with no problem. The one drawback is that it is not insulated so if you want to pack some snacks in there, they have to be shelf-stable. A bottle of milk is probably too heavy for my little guy anyway, but it would be nice to have the option for older kids.

That said, this is definitely a small bag. Don’t expect to fit a lot in there but just a few favorite small toys, some crayons and paper, and maybe some snacks. Having two compartments is really nice for separating the food from the toys too.

I think this bag could work for a preschooler but it wouldn’t hold papers or the like. It would be great for a hike or a short trip though.

All in all we are very happy with this toddler backpack. My son loves it and I know we will use it on all our trips this summer.

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