Lassig Glam Rosie Diaper Bag


Is it over-the-top to say that I’m in love with the Glam Rosie Diaper Bag from Lassig?

Never the woman to sport a traditional diaper bag, I laid eyes on the sophisticated Lassig model and fell hard. The company generously provided a sample of the product in rose and I’m pleased to say that the shade is more neutral than it appears online. The color is a beautiful pale pink/beige that’s so subtle, even my husband feels just fine carrying it.

I appreciate the fact that the Glam Rosie doesn’t look like a diaper bag at first glance. In fact, I plan to continue carrying this item long after my diapering days are over. It’s sizable, without being overwhelming, and has plenty of space and pouches for all baby’s necessities. With this bag, you’ll find an insulated bottle holder, a compartment for a baby food jar, key ring hook, a waterproof changing pad, and more.

The drawback

Let’s pause and talk about the diaper-changing pad for a moment. The one downside I can see to this product is that my daughter has already stained the changing pad. I’m disappointed that after only a few uses, the pad has noticeable markings, but I love the rest of the product so much I’m willing to overlook this. Now, back to what I love.

The greatest feature

Perhaps the bag’s greatest feature is its full range of carrying options. In its shoulder and hand bag modes, the Glam Rosie features just one perfectly positioned handle, making it a breeze to reach into the bag with one hand while carrying baby in the other. It’s such a simple, thoughtful, and useful design that I’m surprised I haven’t seen it popping up elsewhere in the market. I also am delighted that this bag converts easily into a backpack with a simple strap adjustment. Don’t want to carry it? No problem. Just use the included stroller attachments to hook your bag to baby’s ride.

All in all, this is a beautifully made diaper bag with a simple and thoughtful design. I appreciate the fashion-forward style and the versatility in carrying options. The bag is priced at $169 and may be worth the investment, as it’s stylish enough to carry beyond your child’s baby days.


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