LifeCell Body Butter Review


As a new mom, I have high standards for my pared-down, simple beauty routine: I have time for only a few products in the morning, so the ones I do choose better do their job—and do it well.

So, when South Beach Skincare offered to supply me with their ultra-luxurious LifeCell Body Butter to test-drive, I jumped at the chance. I’d read only positive reviews of this creamy body lotion and I was excited to give it a whirl.

As someone with chronically dry, patchy skin, this body butter is a godsend. I apply it in the morning, while my skin is still damp from a shower, and my arms and legs are silky smooth and soft all day. Perhaps most importantly, this product is quick-drying and does not leave a greasy residue—perfect for a busy mom like me who is constantly on the move. The last thing I need is to wait for my lotion to dry before getting dressed, all the while listening to a baby cry.

The body butter has a light and refreshing scent, so it won’t interfere with your daily perfume if that’s your thing. It’s also packed with rich, nourishing ingredients—many of which are natural and organically sourced. You’ll find items such as vitamin E, ginseng extract and the powerhouse moisturizer and anti-ager argan oil on this ingredient list. One item to note, this body butter does make use of retinyl palmitate, which should be cleared by your OB or midwife if you’ll be using this during pregnancy or while nursing.

LifeCell Body Butter claims to ease the appearance of cellulite by firming the skin. After a few weeks of use, I can’t speak to this claim, though I am happy to report that this lotion is intensely moisturizing. If, like me, you battle stubborn dry and itchy skin throughout the fall and winter months, LifeCell may just be the product for you.

— Emily Patillo is a Developmental Therapist and a new mom living with her husband and son, Daniel, in Austin, Texas. 

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