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I love it when a product comes into your life, and totally improves your day-to-day living. For me, that was the day my complimentary Lenny Lamb baby carrier arrived from Lilly Pilly Baby, a natural and organic online boutique.

As a veteran baby wearer, I’ve had my fair share of discomfort from faultily designed carriers. I’ve tried several over the years, but all attempts seemed to result in angry, squirmy babies and shoulder-numbing pain. Despite this, I was forced to resurrect my small collection of carriers after discovering that the massive double stroller I had hoped would save my shoulders from baby wearing agony was not fit for navigating any area short of an open field. After one too many “stuck in the doorway” incidents, I found myself sifting through my carrier collection debating which one was the least likely to cause a grocery store commotion.

Fast forward to the glorious morning when my baby carrier arrived. Within a few short minutes and a quick scan of the directions, my fourteen-month-old was sitting happily on my back. No crying, no squirming, and a giant smile on her face. She’s sat happily on my back as we’ve navigated crowded farmer’s markets and walks throughout the neighborhood. In addition, I’ve found that the front carrying option provides a nice travel option when moving a sleepy baby from the car seat.

Thoughtful details that make a difference

The back wearing option sets this carrier apart from a slew of other models, and by far is my favorite feature. After placing my 20 pound daughter in the seat, I was shocked to discover how light she felt, and how comfortable the carrier is to wear. The fabric options are also stylish and unique, and the company offers a variety of options to outfit the carrier to suit your needs–such as drool pads and waist bags.

My one critique is that placing the child in the backpack mode can be difficult without the assistance of another adult. It can be done, and for me is worth practicing for the sheer convenience of toting around a happy baby. Without a doubt, this carrier has become my daughter’s preferred method of travel, and with the added bonus of fitting in a large purse, my favorite too.

We were also lucky to receive a beautiful sleeveless Kimono bodysuit to review as well. The muted purple pattern is a nice change from the bright pinks and purples lining most clothing aisles, and with the kimono styling it offers a unique clothing option from the usual boring onesie styles. The fact that it is a soft organic cotton only adds to its appeal.

I was very happy with both items I received from Lilly Pilly Baby. With a website chockfull of sweet and simple clothing and toys, you can bet I’ll be returning to their shop some day soon.

— Maggie Gale is a preschool teacher and mom to Daniel, 3 and Charlotte, 1. 

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