Loopy Gear – what babies love and moms need!


As a relatively new mom who is slightly germ obsessed, this is the perfect find.  We started using Loopys with my son and find these as a great solution to the ever present challenge of keeping his toys off of the ground.  He is an active one and constantly throws his toys when he’s done playing with them.  Now, with the Loopy on, he has fun trying to throw his toys, but of course to no avail!  He even likes the challenge and has fun trying to do so.

Not only are these practical, but they’re also really cute.  We have a blue argyle one for our son, and it looks so cute with his preppy attire.  They make great gifts as well, everyone we’ve given a Loopy to has been so happy and relieved to find this product.

In addition to using the Loopy on our son’s wrist, we’ve also used it to keep his toys connected to other objects.  For example, if we’re in a restaurant, we connect the Loopy right to the high chair so that our son can alternate between eating and playing with his toy.

In all these are the perfect solution at the intersection of what babies love and moms need!


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