Madii & Dyl Sooki Babe Pillow


Madii&Dyl Sooki Babe Pillow

My 3 month old got really sick with a cold virus and spent every sleeping moment, day and night, in my big bed.  I had just gotten the Madii & Dyl Sooki Babe Pillow and decided to test it out on her and it was perfect in making her more comfortable and helping her sleep soundly.

The doctor recommended elevating her head to keep the nasal drip from bothering her so she could breathe better and the Sooki Babe Pillow did the trick, safely. There is a contoured spot for her head to rest and the pillow raised her just enough so that she could lie comfortably. And since the pillow is made of all natural materials that are breathable and prevent moisture and heat build-up, it worked to keep her cool despite her fever.

Now that baby is feeling better, she continues to use the Sooki Babe Pillow for naps in my bed and play time on her activity mat. We live in a house that is carpeted and we have 2 dogs, so I appreciate that Madii & Dyl pillows are hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew and bacteria. If she spits up, it’s super easy to take the cotton pillowcase off and throw it in the wash. Much easier than always having to wash the entire activity mat! The pillow would be great in a house with hardwood floors as well; it provides great cushioning for a little baby that is lying around all day long. The Sooki Babe Pillow isn’t a necessity as much as a luxury but it has made my baby girl more comfortable.

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