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Luxurious lingerie during pregnancy? 

Yes, it’s actually possible. If you’ve spent any time pregnant or nursing, you know that as soon as you’ve outgrown your normal undergarments, the selection for anything cute, fun, or even remotely flattering is extremely slim pickings. Especially anything nursing friendly! You! Lingerie is a company whose goal is to provide a perfect balance between functionality, support and comfort without sacrificing style. All of the nursing bras, tank tops, and sleepwear exude luxurious sensuality, playful style, and femininity in its wearer with the functionality of being discreetly nursing friendly as well. Not only that, but they also make all of their garments in cool, light fabrics that are perfect for steamy summer months. Exactly what this pregnant mom needs while being six months pregnant during the hottest months of the year.

Choosing which garment to try out was difficult because there are so many fun options on the website. After much browsing, I finally decided on a sexier bra and pantie set: the Bella Cerise. The set is made with a luxurious soft stretch lace microfiber and has no underwire, which in my experience usually means a lot of shapelessness. To my surprise, however, the bra actually molded to me perfectly in a way that almost made it act as a pushup bra, giving me more shape that I’ve had the entire pregnancy. There’s also a four-hook back closure, which might seem a little excessive, but is actually helpful when combined with the full figure often acquired during pregnancy. 

Unique sizing

I did find the sizing to be a little bit off. While I just got measured at a 24DD at both Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s, I was actually a 24C in the You! Lingerie bra. The staff was great, however, at helping me figure out the correct size and sending the replacement to me quickly. I also found the lace, while beautiful, rubbed a little bit uncomfortably near the side of the bra band. Having a cute bra to wear underneath a fancy dress, however, was more than enough incentive to make me forget about the bit of itching and the more I wear it the less it happens. It appears that the material softens with wear, which is a bonus in my book. While I’m not nursing yet, I found the nursing straps easy to use, with the clips working perfectly and without much fuss. 

The corresponding panties were a huge hit! Incredibly soft and slinky, they also fit me in an extremely flattering way—something that doesn’t happen often with a huge bump! I also enjoy that the lace panels keep the panties in place, but that the fabric is soft enough to feel like you’re not wearing much of anything. 

In all, I found the set fun and beautiful—perfect for a night out! I often have friends wondering where they can purchase nursing or pregnancy friendly undergarments and will definitely be mentioning You! Lingerie to them. 

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