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This was my first time hearing about Seraphine Maternity clothing and I was very impressed with the selection and versatility of the items offered. The company graciously sent over two items for my review: a Breton Striped Nursing Sweater and Dark Slim Leg Over Bump Maternity Jeans.

The sweater

I chose the Breton Striped Nursing Sweater in royal blue ($89) and really like it! It fits well, is easy to wear, and looks nice (casual or dressed up). I am in my second trimester and it fits well now, but I can tell it will grow with me over the next few months. The sweater is nice and long as well as very comfortable. I also really like the buttons across the tops of the shoulders, which allows you to use it as a nursing top once baby is here, so this piece will definitely last much longer than a standard piece of maternity clothing.

The buttons seem to be very sturdy and when unsnapped, will definitely leave enough room to pull the top down for nursing (which is also nice so you are not lifting your shirt up and flashing your stomach at everyone). It has gone through the wash a few times and has lasted well and kept its shape. Overall, I am super happy with this sweater and can tell I will be wearing it for months to come.

The jeans

I also received a pair of jeans ($89), which I was super excited about, but are too short. I am 5’10’’ and these pants are just too short to wear without boots. However, I would like to say the fit in the top and legs is great (which is hard to get right, especially for pregnant ladies). I really like that the stretchy material that goes over your bump is attached to the inside seam of the jeans, so it does not look like an elastic waist band and is also much more comfortable to wear. They seem to wash well and I think the material will wear well and last a while, so that’s nice too. The dark wash of the jean and overall look is great, I just really wish they made these in longs!

All in all, I am impressed by the quality and selection at Seraphine and would certainly recommend this online shop to other moms-to-be.


  1. Hello,
    I am looking at buying some seraphine maternity/nursing sweaters. My baby is due in winter, so I will be at my biggest & (hopefully) nursing through winter. I was just wondering – did you find that wearing the sweater while pregnant stretched it out? Do you know whether they look ok/bounce back post-pregnancy so are still wearable while breastfeeding?

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