Medela iPhone Breastfeeding App


Medela iPhone AppMedela iPhone AppThe Medela iPhone App is a solid, and free (!) entry into the iPhone app space. It comes loaded with lots of advice and tips on breastfeeding, pumping, and breast milk storage. New moms especially, will like the link to the free Ask the LC service where they can ask question directly to a Medela lactation consultant. The app also has tools to keep track of how much time you’ve pumped or fed, and per breast, and creates a full list for the day – a Godsend when you can’t remember what you can’t even remember what you had for lunch. It also keeps track of baby feedings (all the way to solids), as well as pees and poops. Medela iPhone App toolsMedela iPhone App tools

There are other apps that do this as well, but this is a solid no-nonsense entry that will do what’s necessary while providing some straight advice on how to breastfeed and pump.

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