Milkmaid Goods Nursing Poncho and Swaddle


After being pregnant for 9 months, I was anxious to get back to what I considered my normal self and find “mommy products” that matched my style. I am someone who appreciates clothing apparel that is unique; a style that is not repeatedly displayed in every store. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to test the Milkmaid Goods Poncho and Swaddling Blanket. What is most appealing about these items is that they are truly one-of-a-kind. The blanket and poncho are stylish with their bold and vibrant patterns and the material is a very soft and cozy cotton.

Unlike other nursing covers that I have tried, the Milkmaid Goods Poncho ($34.95) provides full coverage which gives me a sense of comfort while nursing outside the home. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, particularly helpful for us given that my little one always appears to run warm. I’ve found myself keeping the poncho on after nursing because it’s cute and very comfortable. Did I mention that it looks great with jeans or leggings? I often receive compliments on my poncho from people that are unaware that it is meant for a nursing mommy! What’s even cooler is that this poncho doubles as a car seat cover. 

The Milkmaid Goods Swaddle Blanket ($37.95) is large enough to provide my little one a firm swaddle yet it can be folded up small enough in order to consume a very small portion of my purse or diaper bag. The blanket is lightweight and can provide just enough coverage to block the sun or provide a light layer to keep my little one extra comfortable. The matching headband is absolutely adorable! However, it often slides off my little one’s head given she likes to wiggle around. I am hoping that, as she gets a little bigger the headband won’t slide off as easily.

All and all, I love these products! I have found my go-to baby gift from here on out with Milkmaid Goods.

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