Mina Baie Diaper Bag Review


Billed as the diaper bag for women who hate diaper bags, the Mina Baie bag is a dream come true for any style-conscious new mom.

This bag is luxury all the way, featuring a full leather, scratch-resistant exterior and gold metal hardware. This small, indie company out of Los Angeles has one bag on the market and they’ve done their due diligence to make it near perfect.

Here’s what I love:

The style

To put it simply, the Mina Bag could never be confused for a frumpy diaper bag. It has all the makings of a classic handbag–but designed larger to accommodate a new mom (think: full-grain leather, a subtle, spill-resistant nylon interior, and fully adjustable strap that allows for both a shoulder and cross-body carry).

Ample storage

This bag has five exterior pockets and two divided interior sections, each featuring several pockets within them. There are two key hooks, a zippered pouch for the important stuff, and a cellphone pocket–just about all the storage a woman could ask for.

Changing pad

Sure, every diaper bag comes with its own changing pad, but the Mina Baie pad is truly special. In fact, I’m pretty sure this pad is my favorite feature, and that’s really saying something. This machine-washable pad is 98 percent neoprene and folds simply into a carry-clutch shape with the help of magnetized edges. Forget having to roll and secure a nylon pad after your little one has had an accident on it!


While this bag arrived courtesy of Mina Baie, I can justify the pricetag (a whopping $498) based on its versatility alone. The Mina Bag is a diaper bag today, stylishly storing baby’s essentials on the go—and tomorrow, it’s a weekender, a carry-on, and more. This bag has ample space for a laptop or tablet, a makeup bag, and an extra outfit or two.

minabaie-3Here’s what I’d change:


Let’s get this straight: a diaper bag with a structured design is non-negotiable for me. I do not have the patience to rifle through a floppy bag that keeps collapsing around my hands, especially in the heat of a diaper situation or toddler tantrum. While the Mina Bag is certainly structured and keeps its shape, I found the design too stiff for my liking. I do prefer a bag that conforms slightly to my body and would appreciate a bit more give in the Mina’s design.


Piggybacking off my last point, I have carried more comfortable bags in my lifetime. While this one’s a beauty, there’s no padding on the shoulder strap which makes toting a full bag less than comfortable. However, I’m no stranger to sacrificing comfort for beauty, so this point is not a dealbreaker for me.


This bag is big. All that storage space mentioned above? Yeah, it comes at a cost. If you’re looking for a product that’s more demure, the Mina Bag is not for you.

The bottom line: For a fashion-forward new mom, the Mina Baie bag is a true luxury. With a clean, timeless design, this is a bag worth investing in and showing off at every possible occasion.

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