Veyo Mittyz Easy On Waterproof Winter Gloves


My family and I go up to the snow as much as possible in the winter. This year, my daughter was finally old enough for ski school and was so excited. What was not exciting was struggling to get her tiny thumb in the tiny thumbhole of her cheap Costco snow mittens, and then squeezing the cuffs down to zip them shut. Invariably she’d complain her thumb was not in the hole and the mittens would fall off mid snow play.

Enter Mittyz. These gloves ($39.95) are  super cute, made to look like tiger paws, penguins, or dinosaurs. Best yet, there is no thumb hole to fuss with. Instead, there is a kind of thumb pocket which allows for as much dexterity as children playing in the snow need. The fabric consists of a DWR softshell with a breathable waterproof membrane. The gloves themselves are lined with soft fleece and are machine washable. These were a game changer. The huge wrist portion fit easily over my daughter’s giant puffy ski coat and then cinched securely with a toggle and a wrist strap.

My daughter’s hands stayed warm and dry through two snow storms and lots of snow men. The best was that she loved putting on her penguin mittens and showing them off to everyone. It took 5 seconds to get them on, compared to several minutes of struggling with the old zipper ones. I highly recommend these, and will be getting a pair for my son next year for sure!

Just note that I think they run large. The size small is supposed to fit from 6 months to 2 years old, but my daughter is 3.5 and I think they will fit her next season too.

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