New For Baby Body Suit and Yoga Pants


Upon receiving this product for review, I could not wait until Baby L was big enough to fit into it. The cotton is so soft to the touch and the style so simple.

Baby L is just shy of 4 months and ranks in the 50th percentile across all her stats – she is average. The body suit and yoga pants she sports to daycare is size 0-3 months. She is definitely comfortable in it all day due to the soft material and perfect fit of the body suit that has its neckline a bit higher and tighter than her other onesies. But, it helps keep her warm. The long sleeves have the fold over cuffs which make it easy to put around her hands while she is napping to avoid scratching herself.

The pants are just as comfortable and are perfect for those infants that tend to have longer legs. I find that a lot of pants are sometimes to short for her, but these are a great length and have not shrunk wash after wash. If I could get a pair of the yoga pants, I would wear them all day too. They are a wide leg pant which makes it so easy to take on and off during diaper changes. And just like Mama, Baby L does prefer to wear her pants a little lower to not have to cover her entire belly, which these pants allow.

Two other features of this outfit I love is the ability of the fabric to keep spit up off baby. I felt that it wiped away really easily off the fabric and when dried, didn’t even leave any stains or marks. The second lovable feature is that these pieces are tagless. No itchy clothing tags that have to rub up against the back of baby’s neck or hips! That is rare to find these days.

All in all, I would recommend this outfit to all mamas out there looking for a well fitting, soft, and good looking piece to cloth their babies with all day long!


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