New Mom Must-Haves


New Mom Must-Haves

There’s no doubt about it, a new baby comes with quite a bit of baggage. From a sturdy stroller to a reliable diaper bag, there’s plenty to add to your shopping cart to keep both you and baby happy, healthy, and as well-rested as any new parent can ever hope to be. 

For Mom…

Alf the Label Diaper Bag: Trust us, you’ve never seen a diaper bag like this one. Up your style factor with genuine leather and calfskin, all while toting baby’s diapers, wipes, and bottles. This mom-owned, Australian brand offers a range of styles, from a traditional tote to a smaller handbag. Best of all? An Alf bag can go from the pediatrician’s office to date night—and no one will be the wiser. 

Thirsty Towels Organic Robe: Sleep when the baby sleeps? Better yet, take a long and languid hot shower to wash your troubles (and baby’s spit-up) away. Transport yourself to a luxurious spa with a soft and absorbent robe from Thirsty Towels. Eco-friendly, supple, and stylish to boot, a Thirsty Towels robe will elevate any new mom’s lightening-quick shower routine. 

Beb Organic Skincare: Sure, this pampering skincare line is carefully crafted with baby in mind. But one sniff and we know you’ll agree—this stuff is too good not to lather on mom, too. Simple, organic, and safe enough for preggos and preemies alike, Beb Organic offers a silky lotion, body wash/shampoo, diaper cream, and two nourishing and healing skin oils. 

Elephant Organics PJs: Is there anything sweeter than a new baby all cozied up in a beautiful set of pajamas? Double the ultra-sweet factor by twinning with your tiny one. Elephant Organics (formally Pink Elephant Organics) now offers matching pajama sets for mom, baby, and toddler. Supremely comfortable and adorable, these jammies will have you longing for bedtime snuggles all day long. 

Eufy Vacuum: With a new baby in the house, time is limited. Given the choice between baby snuggles and a freshly cleaned home, we’re hoping you choose baby-time every time. Lucky for new parents everywhere, Eufy’s RoboVac promises to keep your house looking tidy while you focus on what really matters. Wi-fi connected and app-controlled, this robot picks up any mess you leave behind. 

For Baby…

Tiny Love Gymini: Keep baby entertained and active without setting up a neon-colored monstrosity in the middle of your living space. This minimalist-lover’s baby gym has all the developmentally appropriate bells and whistles to delight your little one. With a few stretches and rolls, baby has access to rattles, mirrors, and crinkly toys. 

Tiny Love Stroller Arch: Think of this item as a moveable entertainment center for baby. This flexible arch fastens to any surface, be it stroller, bouncer, bassinet or baby walker. When baby’s settled in, bring out this arch for a wonderland of batting, tugging, and teether possibilities. 

Bubzi Co. Soothing Sleep Owl: We love a good product that multi-tasks and this soother from Bubzi Co does just that. One part soft and squeezable stuffed animal to one part projector, this cute owl displays a rainbow of stars on your child’s ceiling while soft lullabies promise to sweetly usher your little one off to dreamland. 

Made Of Skincare: Simple, organic, and ultra-safe, Made Of offers a host of skincare products to keep baby’s skin soft and smooth. At Made Of, you’ll find a range of multi-tasking products, from nipple balm for mom to diaper cream to toddler hand soap and baby body wash. Vegan, gluten free, and pediatrician-tested, Made Of is on-hand to help create a safe and healthy home for your littlest ones. 

Naked Tub: The Naked two-position collapsible tub from Boon is a transformer of a product that will grow with your baby. Use this item today to safely wash up your newborn and later on, sit back and watch your toddler gleefully splash around at bath-time. When not in use, this sturdy little tub collapses to hide neatly out-of-view. 

Bbluv Baby Basics: For basic baby care look no further than Bbluv, which offers a full line of easy-to-use, intuitive hygiene items. Trimming baby nails? The Trimo nail filer is a safe and super effective way to stave off tiny talons. Sick squirmy baby on your hands? Bring in the Termo, a 4-in-1 non-contact digital thermometer that reads body, room, and liquid temperatures. 

Milk Snob: From swaddles and nightgowns to carseat covers and nursing scarves, Milk Snob has a stylish solution for any problem new motherhood throws your way. In this online boutique, moms will be treated to a wide selection of wildly beautiful fabrics—each one with an ultra-soft and slightly stretchy touch. Need a trendy and fashion-forward baby gift? Milk Snob has you covered. Mix and match or choose a range of items in the same pattern.

Kleynimals: Give a baby a host of toys and everyone knows she’ll go for the remote control, rolled up magazine, or worse… your dirty car keys. Sound like your little one? Then Kleynimals may be the perfect toy for you. Stainless steel, non-toxic, and cute as can be, these toy keys jingle and jangle like the real things… without the germ factor. /

For the Nursery…

Lorena Canals Storage Baskets: All that baby gear we mentioned above? Stow it away discreetly in a handmade cotton basket from Lorena Canals. Beautiful, versatile, and eco-friendly, these storage baskets are unique enough to add major style points to any child’s nursery—while also doing double duty to conceal all the extra stuff every baby needs. Ready for a fashion-forward and extra organized space? Bring in a flexible basket from this indie-owned company. 

Carousel Designs Bedding: Bespoke baby bedding? Yeah, it’s a thing with Carousel Designs, a boutique baby bedding shop that affords parents a pretty neat opportunity—the chance to design their little one’s nursery from crib skirt to draperies and everything in between. The online shop features a wide selection of patterns and encourages parents to mix and match for the perfect nursery style statement. Having trouble choosing? The company also offers pre-selected sets and one-off purchases. 

Swaddle Designs: We’ll admit it, we have a soft spot for companies with mom bosses at the helm. Swaddle Designs, the brainchild of mama and nurse Lynette Damir, features a selection of high quality swaddles, blankets, changing pad covers, and more—all in beautiful and exclusive prints that are soft on baby’s skin. 

SpaceView Baby Monitor: The SpaceView Baby Monitor from Eufy is everything a parent wants in a monitoring device: simple, reliable, and crystal-clear. With a two-way radio and panning feature, this monitor offers it all in a sleek and clean package. 

To Make Life Easier…

Abby & Finn Diaper Subscription: Run out of diapers? Never. Set up a subscription with Abby & Finn and you’ll never be left in a diaper-less lurch again. Non-toxic, cholorine-free, and eco-safe, these diapers come in two playful prints and are thick, soft, and absorbent enough to fight leaks. Best of all, Abby & Finn diapers are easy on your wallet, coming in at the most affordable diaper subscription around. Gentle on your baby, wallet, and the planet? Now, that’s a good deal. 

Baby Brezza One-Step Sterilizer: File this one under “things you never knew you needed.” The Baby Brezza Bottle and Breast Pump Sterilizer is such a snap you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Wash bottles and breast pump parts by hand and then pop in the Brezza for a simple and automatic sanitizing and drying session. The machine uses natural steam to kill off bacteria and keeps items sterile for up to 24 hours. 

Willow Breast Pump: Calling all multi-tasking moms! The Willow Breast Pump revolutionized the market when it brought this cord-free, wearable pump to store shelves. Slip these chargeable pumps into your bra, control them by iPhone and Android app, and go about your day—easily, comfortably, and discreetly pumping milk for your baby. There are no tubes, cords, or tiny little pieces to connect and wash. Yes, there’s a learning curve with this pump, but once you have it down, the Willow makes being tethered to a hand-held pump a thing of the past. 

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