Ameda Nursing Camisole Review


I recently tried out the Ameda Intimates Nursing Camisole and found it to be comfortable and durable.  Overall, I’d recommend this bra to someone looking for a nursing camisole to wear underneath clothing.  The main pluses are the shape, material, durability and sizing.  The minus is the amount of support for larger breasts.

On the plus side, the camisole is true to size based on the sizing chart that Ameda provides online, and based on my current size while nursing.  Relative to other products I’ve tried in this category where I’ve had to go up or down a size, I consider this a definite plus.

The other major plus for me is the material.  It is the right balance of soft on my skin, but also firm enough to hold me in.  In addition, the material is also airy but absorbent, and even when I wore the camisole all day to travel, it didn’t feel sticky or hold any odor.

The camisole feels quite durable, I don’t see it falling apart like some of the cheaper camisoles that I’ve purchased while nursing.  Additionally, the shape of the cami works well, holding my stomach in but without digging into my skin.

On the downside, I don’t find the support for large breasts to be very strong.  I wouldn’t wear this in public without a bra underneath because the material where the breasts are is quite thin.  It’s durable & comfortable but sheer enough that I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing this in place of a bra.

Overall, I find this to be a solid product made of high quality Material that will hold up over time.

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