Organic Kidz Nursing Cover


”Baby & Me” by Organic Kidz is the perfect nursing cover. I have tried quite a few that all end up with the same issue – cover falls flat on baby’s face while nursing! And if your baby is like mine, she hates anything touching her face so this was a big issue.

Enter ”Baby & Me”. The big difference between this product and other nursing covers in the market is not only is it bigger in size allowing for more leverage for mom’s skin to be unseen while nursing. But, it has a second rim which allows for the cover to have a wider opening from the top, allowing for the cover not to touch baby’s face AND allowing mom to maintain that eye contact with baby if needed during nursing. The wider rim also allows for more airflow for baby, making it more comfortable. Comfortable baby equals comfortable mom!

I have been gifting this cover to all expecting moms I know. It is truly a gift of comfort.




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