Back Buddy Support Pillow


MSRP: $69.95

The Back Buddy™ Support Pillow is an award-winning maternity and feeding support pillow, designed by a Chiropractor and a nursing mother.  It alleviates common back pain during and after pregnancy, promotes proper alignment of the spine, and provides comfort and support while holding or feeding a baby. The Back Buddy also promotes good posture and encourages proper position, which is essential for successful breastfeeding.

Made from high quality structural foam (FREE of harmful chemicals), the Back Buddy provides lumbar support, lateral side support, upper back support, and arm support.  It may be used in any upright or seated position (such as in a bed, hospital bed, couch, or chair) and fits perfectly in a nursery rocking chair.  The Back Buddy eliminates the need to stack bulky pillows, and may be used well beyond pregnancy and nursing, to provide a comfortable position for many years to come.

  • Provides comfort and support while holding or feeding baby
  • Promotes proper alignment of the spine
  • Alleviates common back pain during and after pregnancy
  • Encourages proper position for breastfeeding
  • Made in the USA, using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes
  • FREE of harmful flame-retardant chemicals

The Back Buddy Support Pillow comes with a 100% cotton base cover (which is not removable). Machine-washable, removable slipcovers are sold separately, and are available in a variety of plush fabrics and beautiful designs to fit your style.  Removable covers feature a handle on top for easy handling and portability, and pockets on the sides to keep necessities (such as feeding items, phone, water for mom) within reach.  The dual-zipper enclosure makes removal and replacement a breeze.

Back Buddy has been named among the best in family-friendly products as a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award® and Winner of the 2013 Top Choice of the Year Award by Baby Maternity Magazine.  Truly a must-have for every new and expectant mom!



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