NurturMe Organic Baby Food


NurturMe Organic BabyFood

As a full time working mother, I’m always looking for new, healthy, organic ways to feed my baby.  And, since we are always on-the-go, I like easy, lightweight, convenient baby options as well.  When I was introduced to NurturMe baby foods, I was even more intrigued because rather than glass jars, the NurturMe baby food is freeze dried and comes in small, lightweight, paper thin, eco-friendly packaging.  The pouches are easy to open and you mix the freeze dried food (powder) with mlik, breastmilk or water.  Each pouch is equivalent to a 2.5oz jar of food so my baby (9 months old) had three pouches for lunch.

At approximately $1/pouch, it can get a bit pricey, but I found that the pouches were great to have on hand (in my purse, diaper bag and in the glove compartment of the car) for emergencies, or to supplement whatever food we already had.  I like that they come in 2.5oz portions so you don’t waste any food if your baby is not hungry.  I also like that their website provided detailed nutritional info for the food.  We tried all four of the nurturme flavors – plump peas, scrumptious squash, crisp apples and hearty sweet potatoes.  And though not important to me, it may interest others that the food is gluten-free.

MSRP: $9.49/box of eight pouches

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